Tablets have an interesting place in every household. While some enjoy watching content on a bigger screen while still being able to hold it in their hands, to some using it for artistic purposes to draw and unleash their creativity using a stylus. And with a huge variety of tablets in the market, we thought why not do a post of our most-recommended tablets under a 100 bucks?! So, here we are.




How to choose best cheap android tablets?

Choosing a good tablet is somewhat easy when you know what you want to do with the device. What is your purpose for buying it? Do you want a bigger screen you can easily interact with to just reply to your emails, maybe video chat with people? Or is it to carry out much more demanding tasks such as making illustrations, playing high-resolution games or even editing short simple videos? Knowing what you want to do makes a huge difference.

There are ideal specifications for the kind of tasks you want to do on your tablet. We recommend choosing a tablet with a RAM of around 1-2 GB if you want to complete daily normal “not-that-demanding” tasks. Go for 3-4+ GBs if you wish to play high resolution games and perform activities that require more processing power. Go for at least 16GB of storage space as 8GB usually turns out insufficient in the long run. Screen size is something you can decide for your own. You normally have a choice between 7 or 10 inches of screen size. Resolution is important too, so make sure to have a look at that.

Go for around at least 2000mah; although higher that number is, the better. Budget tablets are best for normal YouTube binge watching sessions, researching about your favorite topics and playing mediocre and fun games. Best for kids and people who won’t be doing anything “heavy” in nature. Feel free to ask questions in the comments below.

Thank you for reading 🙂

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