In a sea of offers, choosing the best computer speakers becomes increasingly difficult! Also, there is to consider the use that you want to make of them. You could look for good speakers to listen to music, watch a movie, play video games, or do more things at different times.

In a nutshell, choosing the right PC speakers for your needs is not a simple matter. Then you have to take into account the materials, the level of construction and assembly, the outputs on your PC, without forgetting to stay in the most appropriate price for your pockets!

In short, making the right choice of your best computer speakers requires a long and exhausting search among a myriad of products, offers and promotions. This is why, after having created numerous highly appreciated buying guides, we wanted to create this additional guide that can advise and accompany our readers “listening”. Here are the list of 8 best computer speakers.

Buying Guide to choose best computer speakers

To choose the best computer speakers, you need to understand what you are looking for. Before starting with the list of the best PC speakers, it is good to make a premise, evident for some, but fundamental.

Computer speakers can be divided into three macro-categories: stereo PC speakers, PC 2.1 speakers and PC 5.1 speakers. In reality. 

There would be further differences and set-ups, but I don’t want to bore you with technicalities for their own sake. However, we will take a quick look at the components of different categories, so don’t worry about being in the dark about some details.

Also, there are differences in the connectors available within the audio kit chosen by you for your PC. We will also discuss this aspect, to guarantee you a complete picture of the situation and to guarantee you the best choice for your PC speakers.

Connections and Controls

An essential thing in choosing PC speakers is the availability of connections and controls. For example, many systems have the ability to adjust the low and high tones, others to configure the volume separately for each channel, others still have a separate base with an integrated display in which to monitor each characteristic of the output sound.

These are settings that you can change in any case on the PC via software. However, it can be convenient to do so by relying on a device that you always have at hand (especially while you are playing).

The availability of connections is less subjective it is not at all: the cheaper speakers are usually connected via analogue cable, that is with the traditional 3.5 mm cable; while the speakers with multiple channels can often also be connected digitally.

Number of Speakers

Computer speakers must first of all have crystal clear sound and good dynamics. For use with PC Laptop a 2 speaker stereo system or a 2.1 portable system are more than adequate.

In the case of laptops you can choose PC speakers with bluetooth or wifi connectivity, and they will make your life rather simple for the best ease in moving them to your liking.

On desktop PCs, the workspace configuration is rather static and this allows you to choose from the best systems with a higher number of speakers, such as a 5.1 surround.


The power of PC speakers is an important factor, but it must be related to the use and the room in which they will be used. The best brands of PC speakers do not have external amplification, but an integrated system in the speakers themselves.

It is important that you check the signal output power of your PC and choose speakers that correspond at least to that power.

Razer Nommo Speaker

A couple of exceptional PC cases, especially for the type of design, are the Razer Nommo. They appeal to the video game enthusiast, and each has a 3 ″ braided fibreglass speaker.

The bass reflex in the rear makes the low frequencies more powerful, and the latter can be managed via the potentiometer available in the pedestal of the right channel, together with the one for controlling the volume. The connection to the PC is via USB. For the more imaginative there is also the version with LED Chroma RGB.

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