The buying guide for the best countertop microwaves and microwave ovens will help you choose the best product for you: read on to find out all the information you need before purchasing.

By now, the market offers many models for sale, and choosing the one that best suits your needs, possibly selecting the one with a reasonable price ratio, is not at all simple.

You need to understand how you can better orient yourself to the choice. Here are the list of top 8 best countertop microwaves and microwave ovens that you can buy in 2020.

Everything you need to know about Best Countertop Microwaves and Microwave Ovens

It is a valuable ally in the kitchen because it allows you to carry out numerous cooking or defrosting operations in a practical and fast way. We are talking about the microwave oven that, over the years, has been able to evolve and offer itself in numerous variations and with increasingly more rich functionality.

To clarify some things, we have created this guide to help you understand what the functions are essential for this type of product. But our help does not end here, because we have also compiled the ranking with reviews of the five best models for sale online for us.

How does it work?

The operation of a microwave oven is probably a little scary for some. The waves generated inside a microwave interact with the food molecules inserted inside, which alternates between positive and negative charges. They are activated, heating precisely what is put inside the oven.

Because of its ability to generate radio waves and function through the electromagnetic field, it has often been thought that microwave radiation would spoil food by irradiating it.

However, this false belief is entire without foundation, as the food is bombarded with radio waves. The fact that only the so-called ” ionizing ” radiations of high power can alternate the molecular structures in a way beyond the atomic is not calculated, which is obviously not possible with microwave waves.

Cooking mode

The microwave oven can carry out different types of cooking: grill, microwave and grill, static, ventilated, and steam cooking.

These types of cooking are not all available in every model. It is good to observe that, although a traditional oven is often preferable, with specific cooking methods, it is still possible to cook dishes such as fish, meat or vegetables typically to be baked in the oven, at an agreement to respect some simple criteria.

Because of its functioning, the microwave oven tends to cook from the inside to the outside, often resulting in overcooking of the food inside and keeping them “raw” on the outside. Some precautions to ensure this is avoided by placing the food on a flat plate, covering it with a lid or other to maintain humidity, and thus allow for more uniform cooking.

In any case, it is never possible to insert metals into the microwave oven, as these make the waves bounce, and in addition to being risky for the stove itself, they do not cook the food inside.

Space available

The microwaves are divided into two categories with different price ranges: those built and those that can be placed anywhere. The former are designed to be inserted harmoniously into your kitchen, often lined up with the traditional oven to create a real cooking zone.

On average, they are more massive and cumbersome, and their purchase must be “studied” to adapt the design of the environment to their presence.

Traditional microwaves are more comfortable to place, to which a shelf and a power outlet are sufficient to be operational. They are typically smaller in size and have a capacity ranging from 18 to 30 liters, depending on your needs in terms of space and quantity of food to be heated.

Programs in Best Countertop Microwaves and Microwave Ovens

Each model of the microwave oven has different settable programs. In addition to those with precise times, there is the possibility of having the classic heating mode, less intense and suitable for heating only, for example, leftovers from lunch, or thawing, for frozen foods.

Some of the more advanced models manage to direct where the microwaves hit the most, also to have cooking modes very similar to an oven: below and above, but most will inevitably tend to cook more in the center of the rotating plate, and less at the edges.

Functionality and ease of use

The ease of use of a microwave oven is an essential quality of these appliances. Often just a button pressed twice to heat water or milk for twenty seconds quickly, another button to open the door first and stop cooking early. In general, the display helps enormously in every action performed.

Another issue concerns the safety area: the safety lock is a device that, unless the right button is pressed first, makes it impossible to open the microwave, with the consequent release of waves outside the appliance. 

Also, some systems often prevent ignition or intervene immediately to stop cooking if unsuitable materials are revealed inside. The acoustic signals warn of everything, and often the wrong word appears on display.

Steam cooking and Forced Air

One of the cooking possibilities offered by this microwave oven, which is not always present on other models of the same market range, is the steam oven.

 This function will, therefore, be possible to cook suitable foods while preserving everyone’s vitamins and nutrients. A steamer is also offered, which makes it extremely useful for quickly cooking pasta.

Another cooking mode offered by this versatile microwave oven is the “ventilated air” one that Whirlpool makes available by calling it Forced Air. 

This is obtained thanks to the presence on the back of the microwave oven of a fan, which takes care of spreading the heat as uniformly as possible over the entire surface of the food inserted inside. This is a function that is easier to find on a regular kitchen oven.


In a nutshell, the best countertop microwaves and microwave ovens is an instrument that, although it cannot entirely replace a traditional furnace, it can still do much of the work of this and have the advantages that the conventional method cannot have in any way.

As long as it is understood that it is impossible to obtain a pizza as if it were cooked on a stone oven, it is entirely possible to choose the microwave model suitable for all the uses that will go away, thus resulting in a valuable investment and lasting.

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