Performing the various jobs necessary to take care of your garden is rewarding, but it is also quite tiring. Especially if you have flower beds or trees around your house, in that case, you will need the support that is only best electric pruning Shears can give you.

But if you don’t want to work too hard, why not focus on an electric model? In this way, you will have the certainty of a job well done and of a contained effort, as long as you opt for a product made with care and able to perform its duty at best.

Pruning is an operation that must be done periodically. To understand how to choose excellent electric pruning shears, one must first question the amount of work to be supported. Why do we say this?

Because such a power tool can be professional or not, clearly a professional scissors have a far higher cost than that for occasional use, we are even talking about thousands of euros. Here is the list of top 10 best electric pruning shears.

Buying guide of best power bank

You will be able to see later when we present the articles we have selected and provided links that will suggest where to buy the best electric pruning shears.

It is clear that if you only need to prune a couple of saplings, you can safely rely on scissors for hobby use, indeed, if the branches are not unusually thick, you can also use a hand tool and spend even less.

The Weight and The Handle

When asking yourself which electric pruning shears to buy, consider two essential characteristics. When you do a job, whatever it is, you have to be able to do it with absolute comfort. Therefore, the effort to be made must be minimal, taking into account the elements that affect or the weight of the tool and its ergonomics.

For obvious reasons, an electric scissor weighs more than a common one; for the same performance and possibly cost, prefer the lighter one but also the one that holds the best.

The cutting force must be sufficient to cut the branches effortlessly, check this data in the specifications before spending your money and if you want to be on the safe side, trust the best brand on the market.

The Quality of The Materials

Compare several models and test the quality of the materials. Plastics must be stable. Remember that while working, it can always happen that the scissor falls to the ground; if the articles are useful, it will hardly be damaged. 

The materials used for the production of pruning shears are directly related to their strength. Therefore, the more reliable the metals with which the tools are made, the better the results you will get in gardening. Many models on sale are made with different steel versions, even forged, and it is possible to find forged or other aluminum products.

Also, check the battery runtimes and charging times, if too long compared to the duration of the charge, perhaps the purchase is not worth it. However, we specify that this must be part of a general evaluation where all the pros and cons are taken into account.

Good Cutting Power

It is not always easy to cut the branches, even if they are not unusually thick and therefore, the use of dull shears can require more strength than it has. How to solve the problem? 

With the Bosch EasyPrune model that has assisted cutting. What is meant by assisted cutting? That the integrated motor increases strength when it encounters resistance. All you have to do is accompany the pressure exerted with your hand. Can you cut any branch? Let’s not exaggerate: the limit is 25 mm in diameter.

Let’s talk for a moment about the Power Assist function. As you know, everyone can exercise a different force: thanks to this solution, you can determine the level of cutting assistance. More precisely, the selectable levels are three: reduced, medium, and high.


This shear guarantees ample freedom of movement since, being battery-powered, it does not require cables except for the micro USB cable to recharge the tool. 

But we believe it is essential to ask how much autonomy is. According to the manufacturer, up to 450 cuts can be made once the refill is finished considering the maximum diameter of 25 mm. Now, it will not be suitable for professional and intensive use, but for the home garden, you should have no problem getting the job done.

As for the quality of the cut, very important for pruning, it is smooth and clean. The credit goes to the stainless steel blades, which, if necessary, can be easily replaced.

A Little Big

Although the grip of the shears is ergonomic, we must acknowledge it, they are probably too large and those with small hands, especially women, may have some difficulties. Also, the shears are not very light (close to half a kilo), and this detail could also be a source of discontent among buyers.

We can say that the negative aspects end here. For the rest, we can only speak well for the right materials. We are not just talking about the blades but the whole tool, which seems to be very solid and certainly reliable.

Adjust the Cut

Depending on the type of branches and age, each plant has greater or lesser resistance to cutting operations. First, check on a small part if the settings and settings are correct. In this way, you will optimize the work respecting the plant.

Get Familiar with The Scissors.

Unlike classic manual models, an electric instrument returns less physical feedback at the time of operations. Therefore, the advice we feel to give you is to proceed with progression, understanding, and knowing through practice the profile of your tool, adapting the pruning style as you become more familiar.

The working mechanism of the scissors is based on a delicate mechanical device. In the case of cuts that are not perfect and need more power, the advice we give you is to respect the times and methods of the machine, not insisting too much on pain of the risk of breakage.

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