The knife sharpeners are tools, electric or manual, used to sharpen the blades whose presence is indispensable in the kitchen to always have knives that cut the ingredients. Here we provide the list of 11 best knife sharpeners.

Although in the past the steel was widely used, today there are several models, more effective and practical. Just think of the knife sharpener. Let’s find out which are the best of this year, what are the features to consider before buying one, and how to use them correctly.

Choosing the material with which the knife sharpener of your dreams was made is important as it can influence the use that will be made of it later and its price.

Among the most used materials, there is a diamond (or more precisely diamond dust) capable of sharpening any blade, even the most damaged.

How to Choose Best Knife Sharpeners?

Obviously it is also the rarest, most valuable and expensive material, therefore not suitable for home use, while if the knife sharpener is for work. You will have a unique product that will last a long time. As for other economic materials we find sapphire, ceramic, and tungsten.

First of all, you must rely on a professional model. Thus overcoming the limits of some models that can only intervene on limited types of blades or only on blades of a certain maximum thickness; the professional models,

How Do You Use the Best Knife Sharpeners?

Generally, the knife sharpeners are made in such a way as to have a preset sharpening angle, therefore it is not possible to mistake the inclination of the cut.

The blade of the knife sharpener is to be sharpened must be placed from the rear inside the slot in which the discs are located.

Holding the knife sharpener in one hand, then slide the blade to the tip end by pressing lightly and repeat this movement until the blade is sharp.

For particularly deteriorated blades it is recommended to use sharpening machines with multiple sharpening stages, which allow you to carry out the different steps from the largest to the finest.


Each type of knife sharpener is made with different materials . As for the electric ones , for example, to obtain the desired sharpening levels, it is necessary to use abrasive wheels in the shape of discs of different materials. Those most used for their realization are diamond , corundum , ceramic , tungsten carbide and sapphire stone .

As regards, instead, those made with whetstone or Japanese stone , the material used to make them can be natural or synthetic.

The former are generally composed of silicon dioxide and sericite, while the latter, although they have a very similar, using different and often synthetic compounds. Obviously natural stones have a much higher cost than synthetic stones. They have excellent resistance, in addition to sharpening and polishing the blade to perfection.


It is essential that such a tool is safe . Precisely for this reason, both electric and manual models are generally equipped with special slots, slots , designed to insert only the blade of the knife without bringing your hands close.

Another feature that allows you to safely use a knife sharpener is the presence on the base of non-slip feet or a suction cup that allow you to keep it firmly on the work surface.

It is important, in fact, that the movements are performed with absolute precision and, to help especially those who are unfamiliar with the use of this object, it is advisable to purchase one that has all these characteristics.


To be sure of buying a quality product it is essential to choose one belonging to the best brands, such as Maxman , E-presto , and Zulay, even if there are many brands that produce them at an excellent quality / price ratio and that you can buy also online.


Any cutting object, be it a knife, scissors or any other tool, must have a suitable cutting edge . A blunt blade is inefficient and even dangerous. In fact, without a cutting edge, you are forced to apply excessive pressure, greatly reducing accuracy, then ending up injuring yourself.

Knives, even if made with the best steels and techniques (including damascus blades or ceramic). Tend to lose their optimal cut with the passage of time, so much so that you get to a point that you need to sharpen them.

One can safely say that knife sharpening is a real “art”. It is not important to decide to use a model of manual knife sharpener, or a professional knife sharpener, or an electric knife sharpener, the important thing is to be able to get good results in the shortest possible time, and that the knives can cut whatever is under to your blade.

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