Some decades ago, watching television was a completely different experience. If you were lucky you had a handful of channels you could watch. Depending on your antenna and, the signal you got, the reception was sometimes bad and during storms the signal was lost altogether.

If you are a guy who multi-tasks with a TV such as streaming online movies or playing games in 4k ultra quality or require an app store that offers a wide variety of application then you should try a smart TV.

We at Produx Reviews understand that with a lot of variety in the market nowadays, you need to be able to shortlist products that you would want to consider. And that is why we are recommending to you our top 7 Smart TVs. You can easily see the details, collate and then choose according to your needs.

How to choose best smart TVs?

The right smart Tv can improve your home entertainment, filling your living room with on-demand content from streaming services like Netflix, amazon prime etc.

Matter of size

When it comes to size there are always queries that how much big should be the screen and the answer depends on the size of your budget—and the physical space where you plan to install it.

Good operating system

It’s now almost impossible to find a new TV that isn’t “smart.” But, not all smart TVs are created equal. Much like the world of desktop operating systems, the various smart TV operating systems have their own strengths and weaknesses. Some have a more extensive choice of apps, some have a better user interface, some are more compatible with third-party devices, and so on. Big brands such as LG and Samsung have their own operating systems powering their smart TVs and it’s recommended you look at the variety and selection of applications available on the operating system you are going with.

Where to download apps for smart TV?

Smart TV has access to an app store that offers a wide variety of applications so it can keep up to date with new services and features .

How to connect the smart TV to the Internet?

Use your Smart TVs remote to access the network setings from the general menu. You can, from there on, connect to our wifi easily. You can also check out this article here for more detail on the subject.

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